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With so many benefits to list I don’t know where to start when it comes to raving about this amazing new product I have discovered from Malako skincare, a natural skincare brand that uses herbal ingredients to nourish and uplift the body from the outside in.

Infused with Tropical Lemongrass, May Chang and Frankincense, some of nature’s best ingredients, Malako’s Skin to Soul Saviour Oil doesn’t just smell beautifully intoxicating, it also does amazing things for your body too.

For me, as well as being a fantastic skin moisturiser, this oil has completely transformed my hair.  Once dry and brittle (I can’t tell you how much my hair would break when trying to comb through my endless knots!) after just a few spritzes that I then massage gently overall my hair and scalp and leave for a few hours before washing off (I find applying the oil late afternoon knowing that I am not leaving the house again is the perfect amount of time for the natural ingredients to work their magic), my fine hair now feels and looks healthy and glossy; even after spending hours in a swimming pool, regardless of the fact that it smells of chlorine, it looks freshly washed.  What’s more I only need to use this once/twice a week for my hair to benefit.

Another amazing use of the Saviour Oil is to alleviate muscle tension.  After fracturing my toe only a few days ago and experiencing swelling and pain all the way up into my calf, I thought I would put this oil to the test and see whether it really does do what it says on the bottle.  And again, I was not disappointment.  OK, the toe needed stronger pain killers but the tension that the rest of my foot and calf were experiencing lifted almost immediately, and I certainly preferred applying this beautiful aroma-therapeutic oil over some chemical loaded ointment from the doctors.

And the other uses…they keep on coming!

Bath oil ✔

Mood enhancer ✔

Combat fatigue and jet-lag ✔

Soothe weathered skin ✔

This truly is a multi-purpose oil and I think you can probably tell by now how much I love it!

Malako Skincare are kindly offering you 20% discount until the end of July 2018 with the code STS20


Altruist Sunscreen

“In Tanzania, and many parts of Africa, having albinism is a sentence to a harsh life and early death.

Albinism is a genetic condition, more prevalent in Africa. It results in a person looking white due to a lack of pigmentation in the hair, skin and eyes. People with albinism are visually impaired and highly vulnerable to sun exposure resulting in high rates of skin cancer.” 

With the UK enjoying beautiful weather at the moment and the school summer holidays kicking off, I have been on the search for a safe, effective and affordable sunscreen that I can use on my whole family.  And I have found it! I am so pleased to share with you Altruist Sunscreen.

Hypoallergenic, non-sticky and easy to apply (my children love spraying their own cream on) it is both effective and gentle enough to use on my boy’s ezcema without it flaring up.

Formulated by a skin cancer surgeon and consultant dermatologist, Altruist Sunscreen’s mission is “to reduce the incidence of skin cancer by enabling more people to use more sunscreen. Together with the help of the best scientists in Europe and BASF they created an exceptionally high quality sunscreen at the lowest possible price”.

What’s more, Altruist Sunscreen supports Under the Same Sun, a charity that works with children affected by albinism in Tanzania and the rest of Africa, and with each purchase donates 10p to help the albino children in these regions.

To protect yourself, your family and support a wonderful cause buy your Atruist Sunscreen now.


Mia Cosmetics Paris UK

Fingernails at the ready, it’s almost the weekend!

Give your style an instant update with one of these awesome, and most importantly, toxic fee nail vanishes from Mia Cosmetics Paris UK

Formulated without the most harmful and toxic ingredients that can be found in most commercial nail polishes, Mia offers a wide range of rich and chic colours that are easy to apply and promote good nail health; the brush application mirrors your nail shape meaning the polish glides on quickly and cleanly.

I’m all about strong, intense colour, so I love their Electric Blue polish that adds an instant WOW factor to any look…and perfect for those days when you have neither the time or energy to think about the rest of your outfit but still want to make an impact.

For longevity and high shine I also highly recommend their Gel Effect Top Coat; this definitely protects and extends the manicure by a couple of days as well as giving it a professional finish.

What’s more, these babies are super affordable so don’t hold back when choosing what colours to go for…at their price point each nail can be a different colour.  AND Mia are offering FREE delivery with code FREEDEL16 until 31st August so what are you waiting for, get painting!

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